Logistic Regression Project – Python

Logistic Regression Project – Python

In this project we will be working with a dummy advertising data set, indicating whether or not a particular internet user clicked on an Advertisement on a company website.

We will try to create a model that will predict whether or not they will click on an ad based off the features of that user.

This data set contains the following features:

  • ‘Daily Time Spent on Site’: consumer time on site in minutes
  • ‘Age’: customer age in years
  • ‘Area Income’: Avg. Income of geographical area of consumer
  • ‘Daily Internet Usage’: Avg. minutes a day consumer is on the internet
  • ‘Ad Topic Line’: Headline of the advertisement
  • ‘City’: City of consumer
  • ‘Male’: Whether or not consumer was male
  • ‘Country’: Country of consumer
  • ‘Timestamp’: Time at which consumer clicked on Ad or closed window
  • ‘Clicked on Ad’: 0 or 1 indicated clicking on Ad

Find following jupyter notebook code for detailed solution.